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  1. Cyclotsav 2018 – Prizes



Cyclotsav, a week full of celebrations, from Jan.1 2018 to Jan. 7, 2018. This is for the first time in Mehsana, rather in India that anybody is celebrating a whole week of cycling. So, let us join together and make it a big success.

1st Jan. 2018

Cycle to work:

We will take out a cycle rally from Manav Ashram Chokdi to Toranwali mata at 7.00 am in office clothes and take a pledge that we will go on cycle to our work place, at least 1st of every month to start with and then go to our work place.

2nd January 2018

 Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt is a game with one or more players who try to find hidden objects or places by following a series of clues. You will be given clues of different places and you will have to go on cycle to that place and get a signature from the person sitting over there. Over there you will be given a clue for the next place and so on for a total of 7 places. After finding the 7 places you will have to return to the starting point. The first 10 finishers will be given cash prizes.

3rd Jan. 2018

Musical evening

Dhamakedar music with inspirational and sports related songs.

4th Jan. 2018

Slow cycling competition:

The principle of slow cycling competition is simple: he who loses, wins. The winner is the person who crosses the finish line last. Ten winners will be given cash prizes. Separate prizes for ladies and gents

Rules, Rules, Rules

This is a competition and so to make it fair we have set out a few rules.

  • No touching the floor
    Once you have both feet on the pedals you must not take them off again until you’ve reached the end of the course.
  • No trackstands
    You must keep moving at all times, stopping for any length of time is not permitted.
  • Bikes must travel forward only
  • No leaving your lane
  • Two wheels only
  • No touching other riders .
  • The Marshal’s decision is final.

5th jan. 2018

Cycle Expo

Cycle shops having different types of cycles and cycle repairing classes.

6th Jan. 2018

Individual Time Trial Race (10KM) and Expo

An individual time trial (ITT) is a road bicycle race in which cyclists race alone against the clock. Starting times are at equal intervals, usually one or two minutes apart.  Competitors are not permitted to draft (ride in the slipstream) behind each other. Any help between riders is forbidden. The rider with the fastest time is declared the winner. First 10 will be given prizes. Separate prizes for girls and boys and 18- 40 age group and above 40 age group.

7th Jan. 2018

Rally and Race

A cycle jagruti rally starting from  Manav Ashram Chokdi and passing through the city and back to Manav Ashram chokdi. You are requested to wear the T shirts given by us. The 46 kms race from Mehsana to Gozriya and back and 92 kms race from Mehsana to Gozariy to Mehsana to Gozariya to Mehsana (two loops).


Do you support the idea of OCON (One Caste One Nation)? Then ride around city to promote cycling as a OCON way. Make the authorities sit up and recognize our need to have roads that are safer and conducive to commuting by bike. The only condition? Wear your heart on your sleeve, a green one.

Eligibility: Born on or before 01.01.2008


For those who love the rush of speed and have the endurance and grit to push themselves and their bikes. This is a timed race of 92 kms. Over a carefully picked route that will thrill the most avid racer. The only condition? You need to be atleast 18 years old and wear a helmet. The cut-off time is four hours. After that, the route belongs to the public traffic and you will have to race through it. If you think you have it in you, you cannot miss this ride.

Special Entry for the candidates who has been participated in National or State level championship for the age of  15 to 18 years. (Require Certificate of Participation & Parents permission letter. )

Eligibility: Born on or before 01.01.2000


For those who ride regularly or are very conscious about their health and fitness, this is the perfect ride. Not too long, not too short, just perfect for taking things a notch up. It does a lot of good to your legs and heart and yet not too tough. The only condition? We need to see you riding with helmets on and you need to be at least 18 years old.

Special Entry for the candidates who has been participated in National or State level championship for the age of  15 to 18 years. (Require Certificate of Participation & Parents permission letter. )

OPEN (Any bike with gears)
FIXIE (Any frame allowed)

Eligibility: Born on or before 01.01.2000


Registration guidelines

  • Registration can be done online as well as offline.
  • Online registration can be done on Fill in the details of the registration form and submit it online along with online payment of registration fees.
  • Use only the application modes suggested on the website to submit your registration form. No individual/group has been authorized except authorized centres to collect/accept registration entries on behalf of the organizer Indian Cycle Club, Mehsana.
  • One must thoroughly check all the relevant information presented on the event website as well as registration form before submitting his/her registration form.
  • Offline registration can be done by availing registration form from the office of Indian Cycle Club or from the authorized centres of Indian Cycle Club/other authorized centres and submitting the form with the requisite registration fees at the office of Indian Cycle Club/authorized centres.
  • Both online and offline registrations close on – 29th December 2017 for All Events.
  • Correct details must be filled against all the fields provided in the form.
  • Requisite registration fees must be paid for successful registration.
  • The participant must meet the minimum age criteria for the chosen category of ride.
  • There shall be no support/service vehicle during the race.

Registration Rules

  • Registrations under each category is open ONLY for individual entries i.e. no group registrations are available.
  • Only one participant can register for the event using a single e-mail id for registration. It is important that you do not submit more than one entry per person. Multiple registrations from a single e-mail id will entail all of them rejected.
  • Participant, once registered under any category, cannot cancel his/her registration. There will be no refund of registration fees paid by the participant in case of his/her failure to participate in the event.
  • In case of any errors in providing information in the registration form, the applicant will need to fill in another form and register again. The fees paid at the time of previous registration shall not be refunded. Therefore, the participant must check the details filled in the form twice before submitting the form.

Registration Rules for Cyclotsav(7th January 2018, Sunday)

  • In Fixie Bike, any frame is allowed.
  • Aero bars are prohibited in the race.
  • Participants must note that TT bikes are not allowed in the race.

Registration Rules for ITT (6th January 2018, Saturday)

  • Drafting other vehicles/racers and not completing entire course will result in disqualification.
  • Aero helmets, Aero bars, Skin suit, Shoe covers, Disc wheels are allowed.
  • Personal support vehicle is not allowed nor it will be given on track by the organizers.

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Entry Confirmation

  • Confirmation of registration entries received through online and offline platforms are subject to Registration Guidelines and Rules given herein as well as confirmation criterias predetermined by the organizers.
  • Post submission of registration form, e-mail confirmations will be sent to all the confirmed participants who have provided their valid e-mail id in their registration form. If not received, please check your junk or spam folder. No physical confirmation letters shall be posted to any participants.
  • Indian Cycle Club may send you event updates through SMS and e-mails so you need to clear up all blocks to ensure you receive them all.
  • In case of any queries regarding registration, participants may contact event helpline number +919978920328 (10 AM to 5 PM) or e-mail

  I have read and agree to the Terms

Rules for Participants

  • A normal health check-up to ensure that the participant is not on any kind of drugs. If any participant is found to have consumed any kind of drugs, he/she will be disqualified immediately.
  • Participants suffering from serious physical and/or health problems may not be permitted to participate.
  • No medical insurance will be provided by the organizers to the participant.
  • Any kind of cheating or misbehaviour with any of the participants during the cycling rounds, if noticed by the event management team, shall lead to immediate disqualification.
  • All riders in any ride will have to bring their own bicycle, support equipment, water bottles and ride essentials.

Rules for participants of Cyclotsav

  • The participants are required to report 30 minute before the flag-off. The time for flag-off will be 6.30 AM.
  • Participant must check all the cycle specifications (model and structure) and cycle parts (like brakes, pedal, etc.) thoroughly before the event.
  • No cycles will be provided by the organizers to any of the participant under any circumstances.
  • Participant found riding his/her cycle without the helmet at any time during the race will be disqualified.

Rules for participants of ITT race

  • Once registrations are closed, participants will receive an Email\SMS regarding their start time. The participants are required to report 30 minutes prior to their start time at the information counter.
  • Racers’ official time begins at the appointed time given, whether the racer is present or not.
  • Late starts will be put to late start lane and in open category. They shall not be eligible for Prize Money.

  I have read and agree to the Terms

Protests & Appeals

  • If any participant has a valid objection on the officially declared ride results, he/she may appeal in writing within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the results on the ride day.
  • The decision of the management team shall be final and binding and there shall be no further right of appeal.

  I have read and agree to the Terms

Prize Money Rules

  • Results of the race will be arrived at on the basis of time chip, photo finish at the finishing line and manual time count.
  • Post verification of the results, prize money cheques of winners shall be drawn in the individual name of the victorious athletes of both categories.
  • Cyclists found to have exchanged their bib numbers with others will be disqualified from the competition. They shall not be entitled to any time count and/or prize money (if applicable).
  • Prize winners may be required, at the sole discretion of the organizers, to submit a certified true copy of their ID proof for disbursement of prize money.
  • Prize money winnings are subject to Indian Income Tax Act and Rules as applicable from time to time. Any liabilities thereupon shall be borne by the winner.
  • Organizers reserve the right to cross-check and examine the winners’ bike and winners’ details at the end of the race. Any mis-representation thereupon shall result in immediate disqualification of the concerned winning participant and the next best participant shall be awarded winning position.
  • Winners and recipient of any prizes must produce original proof of identification mentioning date of birth (e.g. Passport, Driving License, Birth Certificate, etc.) before prize distribution. You will need to keep this evidence handy. You will forfeit your prize / certificate if you fail to produce this original documentary evidence. The prize / certificate will then be given to the next in line. Prize distribution will not be delayed for a promise of production of original identity and date of birth proof at a later time.
  • Winners shall get their respective prize money in 7 working days upon submitting the necessary documents – (1) Copy of Pan card (2) Copy of Proof of Date of Birth (3) Cancelled Cheque. These documents can be submitted at the event or through Email: within 2 days after the event.
  • Only those riders who cross all the designated timing mats shall be eligible for race prizes.
  • TIMING CERTIFICATE of Cyclotsav & ITT Race finishers will be available for download from the event website within 21 days from race day.
  • All riders participating in race and/or contending for any prize will mandatorily have to register following the aforementioned registration guidelines.

Prize Money Rules for Cyclotsav

  • Prize Money is applicable to 92 km and 46 km race categories.
  • Prizes shall be awarded in three main racing categories – 92 km open, 46 km open & 46 km fixie, In 46 km (open category), prizes shall be distributed under 3 age-wise categories 18-40, 41-60, >60. In 50 Km fixie prize shall be distributed under 2 age-wise categories – 18-40, >40.
  • The cut off time for the race is 4 hours.

Prize Money Rules for ITT Race

  • Number of prizes will depend upon number of entries per category. It will be declared on website once registrations are closed.
  • Prizes shall be distributed under 1 age-wise categories – 18+        Years

  I have read and agree to the Terms

Champions Prizes (One Caste One Nation)


Upasana Laboratery

Jail Road, Mehsana

Ph: 9825020617

Microtech India

139, Chirag Plaza, Near Manav Ashram,

Mehsana, Ph. 9978920328

Ambica Electric Company

8-Jay Gurudatt Shopping Centre, Opp. Joys Hubtown,

Modhera Cross Road,

Ph. 9601283155

Race Route



1 Dipali shildankar Tukaram 02:08:05.71 50,000
2 JYOTI KUMAVAT BALARAM 02:16:32.81 25,000
3 CHAITALI MILIND 02:16:32.92 12,000


1 pallavi ashokbhai 01:26:03.42 50,000
2 MUSKAN GUPTA SUNDEEP GUPTA 01:35:19.84 25,000
3 Maitree Pradhan 01:35:21.50 12,500


1 Monica Joshi 01:35:51.60 50,000

46KM MALE (18-40) FIXIE

1 Harshal Anil 01:21:22.52 40,000
2 PRAKASH BALU OLEKAR 01:21:23.66 20,000
3 Gulab Rameshwar 01:21:37.94 10,000
4 Vikram Singh Fateh Singh 01:21:38.44 9,000
5 Shivam Kasana 01:21:38.95 8,000
6 Sambhaji Bapu Rao 01:21:43.17 7,000
7 PARTH JAYSUKHBHAI 01:21:45.52 6,000
8 ABHINANDAN RAJARAM 01:21:47.35 5,000
9 arjit singh 01:21:48.13 4,000
10 SULTAN SHAIKH 01:21:49.80 3,000


1 ANKIT PAL 01:15:25.86 50,000
2 RAHUL GAJENDRA 01:15:34.47 25,000
3 Saket Malhotra 01:15:35.00 12,500
4 Rohit Sharma 01:15:36.18 10,000
5 Javed Ahmed 01:15:36.28 8,000
6 Aniket Ramesh 01:15:36.75 7,000
7 Dilip Martana 01:15:36.79 6,000
8 VIVEKANAND SAMBHAJI 01:15:38.75 5,000
9 ASHISH KADIAN 01:15:41.49 4,000
10 darshan vitthalbhai 01:15:41.63 3,000


1 Jaimon Korah 01:24:31.26 40,000
2 NIRBHAY PRAVINCHANDRA 01:24:37.79 20,000
3 Mahendra Jaidrath 01:24:40.16 10,000
4 SURESH RAMJIBHAI 01:24:40.23 9,000


1 Santosh kumar Jaiswal 01:21:36.77 30,000
2 Govardhan Singh 01:22:01.73 15,000
3 Manoj Limbaji 01:22:08.25 8,000
4 BALARAM KUMAVAT NEMAJI 01:24:06.02 7,000
5 DHARMESH RANJEETBHAI 01:30:13.13 6,000


1 Mohinder Singh Bharaj 01:32:00.84 20,000

92KM MALE (18-40) GEARED

1 dhiren ashok 02:25:59.26 1,00,000
2 Harjeet Singh pannu 02:26:07.87 50,000
3 SOHEL RIYAJ 02:26:09.26 25,000
4 Shreedhar ningapappa 02:26:11.26 15,000
5 SAMIR D 02:26:12.35 13,000
6 Sonu Ramesh 02:26:14.64 11,000
7 jivin pankaj 02:26:17.66 9,000
8 FRANCIS JOSEPH 02:26:20.77 7,000
9 Sumit Kumar 02:26:21.62 5,000


1 RAM VISHNU 02:44:29.91 75,000
2 rajendra mohanlal 02:44:32.77 40,000
3 TEJAS H 02:44:33.08 20,000
4 VISHAL DASHRATH 02:44:45.13 10,000